What we do

Zeta New Zealand – web based software development. We are experts at building software in Microsoft, Adobe and DotNetNuke technologies.

Agile Development using Scrum

Zeta use the Scrum Agile development methodology to run our projects. Using Scrum we are able to produce the results you need in a fast and transparent manner.

Agile is ideal for software development because it is an "empirical" methodology which utilises known information and adjust the work to meet the current reality of a project. Waterfall methodologies are "predictive" - meaning that you guess the needs of the project and plan it all at the outset. Predictive is good if you're building something known in a repetitive manner, but software is one-off and contains many unknowns.


Microsoft Partner

Microsoft technologies form the core of what we do including ASP.NET, C# and SQL.

We have chosen to use Microsoft technologies because of their reliability and established support network. They are also a set of technologies that most users and familiar and comfortable with.

Using a stable technology allows us to provide no-nonsense, simple software.

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DotNetNuke Registered Partner

We are Wellington's premier experts in the DotNetNuke (DNN) Content Management System and were New Zealand's first DNN registered Partner.

DotNetNuke is based on Microsoft technology and has a large and well established support network. This means there is usually already a solution available for you which can be easily implemented.

DotNetNuke websites are easy to use and put you in control. With DotNetNuke there is huge flexibility in the way your website works and looks.

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Adobe Community Partner

We love using Adobe Flex because it allows us to create Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) that work fast and look good. RIAs are particularly useful for organisations looking to replace spreadsheets or Access databases.

Rich Internet Applications have the characteristics of a desktop application, but are delivered through your web browser, providing greater flexibility for your business.

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Secure Hosting Solutions

We prefer to host the systems we create so we can resolve problems and implement changes as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Our hosting provides complete back-up and recovery, as well as geographical redundancy in case of disasters.

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We can help you to monitor and retrieve vital information about your website so you can improve its effectiveness for your business.

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Social Media

We can provide a range of consultancy, development and design services for clients interested in getting into or improving their use of social media.

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Other Services

We can provide a range of consultancy, development and design services for clients. We are happy to take your enquiries and point you toward trusted partners if we cannot be of assistance.

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HTML5 and Adaptive Design

We do website development in HTML5 to ensure your website is future-proof. We apply adaptive design principles to ensure your website is accessible to as many people and devices as possible.